Our Mission

Our mission is to boost morale through recreational support in hopes of providing a sense of normalcy for children of deployed or deceased military personnel.

Bring It Home Northshore understands the void that can be left when a parent is deployed. Many active duty military members live on or near bases or forts that offer support and Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs that help lift the spirits of those children that spend many hours missing and worrying about their loved ones. In lieu of that type of resource in St. Tammany Parish, Bring It Home Northshore would like to help. Bring It Home Northshore is an organization made up of members of the St. Tammany Parish Community. We are not a government organization.

If a child is up to 18 years of age, living in Southeast Louisiana and has a parent or legal guardian that is deployed overseas, we would like to be there for them. There are many things that children like to do with the parent that is away from home. Many dreams are put on hold waiting for their return. That is where Bring It Home Northshore would like to step in. Let us know what special activity your child is missing. We would like to put together a special day for your child to look forward to, remember and share with their loved ones far away!

Some examples would be:

 Zoo and/or aquarium trip
 Baseball or Football game
 Movie tickets
 Fishing or Hunting trips (with professional guides)
 Spa day for girls (We know there are some dad and daughters needing help too)
 Golf outings

It is easier for our fighting men and woman to focus on what they have to do when they know their family has the support of the community. We would like to support our troops through deeds beyond words. Please allow us to help.

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